A social security card is a very important document and should be treated and handled with care. As a matter of fact, it should be treated with the importance it deserves.A social security is the gateway to so many things and if you loose it, you might be at risk of loosing your social security benefits, you might miss out on that job that you had been waiting for and mostly miss on the government benefits. The benefits can be found onĀ

Needless to say, taking good care of that social security card is essential.Before you carry that social security card in your wallet or purse, think twice because if the wallet or the purse gets stolen and the person who stole it has ill intentions, you might fall victim of identity theft. Identity theft as we all know is when an individual gets your personal information and drains up your bank account, they can get new credit cards in your name or even end up getting medical treatment in your name.

Basically, doing fraudulent activities with the social security card number.The best way to store the is through a safe deposit box. Safe deposit boxes are usually offered by many banks and you should take advantage of it. You can store the social security card plus other important documents.Another way of keeping the card safe is by using plastic page slip. Each document your storing should be in its own plastic sleeve. By doing so, your are protecting it from wear and tear, spillage from coffee,tea,milk basically any beverage. It also keeps it away from direct sunlight.Any transactions that you have made that involved using your card number should be shredded. Do not throw it away like you would do a bottle or that McDonald’s lunch you just had. Shred it or cut it into small bits just ensure that there is no evidence left.

A social security card should be safely kept. This is very important and therefore the following should not be done under any circumstance. Do not make your card number available to the general public. You might think it’s okay to use you social security card number as your password but be warned this is the worst thing you can ever do. Refrain from using your card number as your password. You should never print your card number on your card or badge. One last thing to note is that you should not yell out your card number while speaking to someone on your cellphone, make sure you are in a safe place and that you are alone.Guard your social security guard with your life. Install a safe box in your home if you have to. Make sure it’s away from the human eye because you cannot trust anyone, not everyone is your friend. There are those friends who don’t have your best interest at heart so just to be safe, get a guard dog for the social security card.

In conclusion, how safe do you have to keep your social security card? By doing all the above without fail.